Thursday, November 15, 2018



DemoDAIRY Cypress Removal Project and Direct Seeding image of people seeding a paddock

Cypress Removal Project and Direct Seeding

In January 2006 DemoDAIRY started a project to remove all cypress trees from the property.

Cypress is a toxic plant to pregnant cows and can cause abortion. It is also hazardous near build up areas as large limbs are prone to breaking free during storms.

Approximately half of the farm's cypress have been removed with some being sold to a timber merchant and the remainder burnt on site.

In some cypress removal areas direct seeding has taken place.

As part of the farm's Environment Management System (EMS) DemoDAIRY uses the DairySAT program to map out activities for the farm. Direct seeding and native plantations are part of the EMS. It is hoped that 10 to 15% of the farm shall be used to provide shade and shelter for stock which shall benefit biodiversity and ecosystem services.