Thursday, November 15, 2018


Carbon Tender

DemoDAIRY Carbon Tender Project

Carbon Tender Pilot Project

DemoDAIRY entered a Carbon Tender Landowner Revegetation Agreement with the Department of Sustainability and Environment in September 2004.

The agreement committed DemoDAIRY to replant a selected parcel of land to local indigenous plants for the purposes of being a carbon sink.

The 2.2ha site was direct seeded with 8kg of seeds and has the potential to absorb 258 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The sight cannot be used for any other purpose except for seed harvesting for 99 years.

DemoDAIRY is required to maintain the site free of vermin and noxious weeds and keep stock out. In return DemoDAIRY is receiving $12,100 in payments to help maintain the site. In a site appraisal conducted in December 2008 by DSE Native Vegetation and Carbon Tender Officer, Mark Brammar the site was considered to be very impressive with good growth and it was noted that 'the site demonstrated that even a fertile, well watered paddock on an intensively managed dairy farm can fairly have a change in ecology and start to resemble a forest or woodland again.'

Whilst requirements for species and life form numbers have been met it was recommended DemoDAIRY do more planting of medium to tall shrubs and native grasses in open areas.