Friday, November 16, 2018



Paddock Sub-Surface Drainage image of water draining off land

Paddock Sub-surface Drainage

This work is to benefit the farms capability to increase productivity and sustainability at a higher stocking rate of 2.5 cows per hectare.

The sub surface drainage promotes healthier pastures and better soil management by reducing the amount of surface water lying in the paddock after high rainfall events.

The system applied at DemoDAIRY is tile drainage where a series of collector drains are fed by transverse mole drains and the outlet of these collector drains are into the overall farm natural drainage system.

It was observed in September 2010 (after some very heavy rainfall events) that the drained paddocks had at least 70% less water sitting in the paddocks in comparison to others near by.

Constructed Wetlands Floods Jan 2011