Thursday, November 15, 2018


Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be influential in driving the dairy industry forward in south-west Victoria.

Our Mission

To be an influential and respected voice that is independent and promotes evidence-based positions on farming practices.

To promote engagement with a wider farmer base. Be driven by farmers' needs and priorities with clear benefits for sustainability and profitability. Work with industry to pro-actively plan for the future.

 Our Role

To set standards for aspirational farmers by providing evidence-based trials and demonstration practices.

To provide a credible commercial dairy farm.

To undertake selected measured research driven by industry that: promotes better farming practices; mitigates individual farmer risk; models profitable and sustainable farming.

Long Term Goals

To have an established and recognised `dairy hub' for south-west Victoria.

An established clear positioning for the role of DemoDAIRY in the dairy hub.

Farm infrastructure that is best practice but attainable.

Able to demonstrate with evidence continuous improvements for dairy farmers. Be financially viable and self-sustaining over the longer term.